Different Types of Water Dispensers: Which One Is Best for Your Office?

A water dispenser is an essential fixture in any office, promoting hydration and overall well-being among employees.

With numerous types of water dispensers available on the market, selecting the best one for your office can be a daunting task.

In this article, we will explore the different types of water dispensers, their benefits, and their drawbacks, to help you choose the right one for your office.

Comparison Table

This table compares the different types of water dispensers based on their features and specifications.

Feature/SpecBottled Water DispensersPlumbed-In Water DispensersCountertop Water DispensersBottleless Water Dispensers
Water SourceBottledDirect Water SupplyBottled or Direct SupplyDirect Water Supply
MaintenanceLowModerateLow to ModerateModerate
Temperature OptionsLimited (Cold, Room)Multiple (Hot, Cold, Room)VariesMultiple (Hot, Cold, Room)
Water QualityVariesDepends on Water SupplyDepends on ModelFiltered
Energy EfficiencyVariesVariesLowerVaries
Additional FeaturesLimitedVariesLimitedMultiple (Filter, Touchless)
Environmental ImpactHigh (Plastic Waste)LowVariesLow
Cost (Short-term)LowModerateLowModerate
Cost (Long-term)High (Bottle Replacements)LowVariesLow
Note that specific models within each category may vary, so it’s essential to research and compares individual units before making a final decision.

Different Types of Water Dispensers

There are several types of water dispensers available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here is a list of the most common types of water dispensers:

Bottled Water Dispensers

Bottled water dispensers are popular choices for offices due to their ease of use and installation.

These dispensers require the regular replacement of large water bottles, which can be cumbersome and environmentally unfriendly.

However, they offer a level of convenience and portability that can be appealing to some offices.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Does not require a connection to a water supply
  • A wide variety of bottle sizes is available
  • Portable and easy to relocate if needed


  • Requires regular replacement of bottles, creating waste and added cost
  • Limited temperature options (typically room temperature and cold water only)
  • Space-consuming due to bottle storage
  • Can be expensive in the long run due to the cost of water bottles

Plumbed-In Water Dispensers

Also known as point-of-use water dispensers, plumbed-in water dispensers connect directly to your office’s water supply.

These dispensers are an eco-friendly and cost-effective option, as they eliminate the need for plastic bottles.

In addition to the environmental benefits, plumbed-in water dispensers offer a continuous supply of water and a range of temperature options.


  • Environmentally friendly and cost-effective
  • Unlimited water supply
  • Multiple temperature options (hot, cold, and room temperature)
  • Often compatible with in-line water filters for improved water quality


  • Requires professional installation
  • Access to a water supply is essential
  • Regular maintenance is needed to ensure water quality
  • May require additional filtration systems to guarantee water safety

Countertop Water Dispensers

Countertop water dispensers are smaller units designed to fit on top of a counter or table. These dispensers can be either bottled or plumbed in, depending on the model.

Their compact size makes them an ideal choice for offices with limited space or those looking for a more discreet option.


  • Space-saving design
  • Portable and easy to relocate
  • Suitable for small offices with limited space
  • Can be bottled or plumbed in, depending on the model


  • Limited capacity compared to larger units
  • May not offer multiple temperature options
  • Can be less energy-efficient due to their smaller size

Bottleless Water Dispensers

Bottleless water dispensers combine the best features of plumbed-in and bottled water dispensers.

These units connect to your water supply but use a filtration system to purify the water, removing the need for bottled water.

They offer the convenience of bottled water dispensers without the environmental and cost concerns associated with plastic bottles.


  • Environmentally friendly and cost-effective
  • Unlimited filtered water supply
  • Multiple temperature options (hot, cold, and room temperature)
  • Typically come with advanced filtration systems for improved water quality


  • Requires professional installation and regular maintenance
  • Filtration systems may require periodic replacement
  • Can be more expensive upfront due to the cost of filtration systems

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Water Dispenser

  1. Installation and Maintenance: Assess the ease of installation and required maintenance for each dispenser type, considering your office’s needs and resources.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Compare energy consumption and potential utility costs of different dispenser models to make an informed decision.
  3. Capacity and Size: Evaluate the size of your office and employee count to select a dispenser with suitable capacity and dimensions.
  4. Water Quality: Prioritize water safety by choosing a dispenser with built-in filtration or adding external filters as needed.
  5. Additional Features: Identify which extra features, such as hot water dispensing or touchless operation, are essential for your office and factor them into your decision.

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Choosing the right water dispenser for your office requires considering factors like space availability, budget, and environmental concerns.

Weigh the pros and cons of bottled, plumbed-in, countertop, and bottle-less water dispensers while keeping your office’s specific needs in mind.

By evaluating each type of dispenser and the factors to consider, you can find the perfect solution for your office’s hydration needs.

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